The Vision

Creating extraordinary spatial experiences
Loftgarten specialise in pushing the frontiers of space design. Creating environments that evoke wonder and desirability is our endless pursuit.

We actualise concepts through the use of high-end 3D imagery and video. With crystal-clear fidelity and borderless creativity, we conceive worlds that are a must experience.

Paul Milinski

The highly skilled in-house team at Loftgarten are guided by the creative direction of contemporary designer & artist, Paul Milinski.
Paul Milinski was born, lives, and works in Melbourne, Australia. He is a Managing Partner and Creative Director at Loftgarten. Paul has become a leader in spatial experience design through the use of 3D visualisation.

With a desire to explore new frontiers with escapist utopias, Paul draws on this as inspiration to create imagery that influences current and upcoming generations.

Paul's work has received world-wide acclaim on various digital platforms, inspiring change, and is being studied by students globally. He believes that in order to spark a heightened motivation in people, boundaries must be pushed whilst challenging the status quo.

In-house team

We work and collaborate with a range of talent from around the globe, lead by our core team.
Paul Milinski
Creative Director
Dan Thomas
Creative Director
Calvin Varani
Art Director, 3D Designer
Louise Walker
3D Designer
Nikko de Jesus
Interior Designer
Robyn Cummins
Account Manager
Ipek Cav
Office Manager


Paul Milinski’s  work has received global acclaim from publications such as:

VOGUE Magazine, Designboom, Cosmopolitan, COMPLEX, Design Wanted, Velvet Dynasty, TAX Collection, IGNANT, PLASTIC, STYLEGATOR, FASHIONADDICT, KOS ICONIC, FASION DES FEMMES, Fashion Magazine, ELLE Magazine, Grazia, Women With Style, BOSS HUNTING, Harper’s BAZAAR, Arch Impressive, Type 7, New York Lifestyle, Men’s Fashion Review, Visual Pleasure Magazine, NOBASICSHIT, Yasmina, Artsytecture, FASHION BOX, design bunker